Powering the smart cities of the future with KABU Ride

Founded in British Columbia, Canada, KABU Ride provides a multi-modal transportation platform that integrates ride-hailing services, public transit buses, Canada Line/SkyTrain, vehicle rentals, taxis, ferries, and other transportation options in a single App for users who live in the province.

In-House APP development
KABU Rider & KABU Driver

All Kabu APPS are fully designed and programmed in house here in Canada and powered by our proprietary algorithms. This lets us match the best possible driver for any given rider. Our technology takes distance, rating, cancellations, and more into account for an omnichannel view of each driver.

Kabu has the unique ability to place the rider APP inside other platforms like WeChat. This makes software downloads unnecessary and eases rider acquisition. And it also means our APP can be easily dovetailed into any country’s or culture’s preferred social media channels.

Designed and built for demand, Web + Native

Customers want an option for getting around the city, and often ride-hailing plays just a part of it.


Daily Rides

Many of our customers use our services daily, some as many as five times per day.


Rides since 2016

Competing against bigger players, the startup APP stands strong.