Ride-Hailing App Development

• modern mobile App architecture

• fully customizable

• all-in-one (front-end+back-end)

• ready-to-launch platform

• industry-tested platform

• on-going tech support

• easy to use/navigate

• universal access

• real-time data analytics

Key Features

Gokabu’s fully-customizable App is industry-tested and provides an affordable ride-hailing service platform that’s both reliable and easy to use. A one-stop solution for ride-hailing startups, the App includes ongoing technical support and is future-proof thanks to available updates.

Instant & accurate locations

Two-way ratings and commenting

Realtime driver location tracking

Transparent price scheme

In-app customer support

Multilingual push notifications

Order history and receipt

Multiple in-app payments options

Ready to start your own ride-hailing service?

Ride-hailing and ride-sharing are fixtures of Smart Cities across the globe, and we are ready to help you enter the transportation business in your city or region. Whether you are new to the industry, or are ready to pivot your traditional taxi or limousine business to a modern online platform, we are ready and eager to help.