Ride-Hailing App Development

KABU Ride is one of the successful business made possible by our in-house development team incorporating the most trendy mobile app architecture and data analysis techniques up-to-date. We are here to help societies to move forward with access to world-wide popular platform-driven business opportunities. The Ride-Hailing app and it’s platform related software such as front-end, back-end, web-admin, etc, are packaged for anyone who would like to start their Ride-Hailing service anywhere in the world.

Key Features

An affordable ride-hailing service platform solution, it is designed to be reliable, and easy to use. We are not only offering a one-stop-solution for new ride-hailing startups but also providing on-going technical support and help future improvement and updates as well.

Instant & accurate locations

Two-way ratings and commenting

Realtime driver location tracking

Transparent price scheme

In-app customer support

Multilingual push notifications

Order history and receipt

Multiple in-app payments options

Ready to start your own ride-hailing service?

We are ready to help you to grow your own ride-hailing service business in your city or region. We are also here to help you bring your existing traditional texi business to the modern online platform.